Using Racing Posts Postdata To Pick Losing Horses

Laying Horses Using The Racing Posts Postdata

I discovered this system by accident while using another laying system I created. The original laying system I created involved laying certain odds on horses that passed certain rules and then chasing the losses, this proved to be a very good system but unfortunately involved being in all day and only worked to 1% – 2% of your betting bank as a stake, ok if you don t work and have a lot of money, but not much use otherwise unfortunately.

Racing Post

However on studying the results of this system I began to realise which type of odds on horses win over 90% of the time, and by knowing this it allowed me to be able to back these horses to level stakes and still make a profit. Only problem is some people don t like to bet on horses when the odds are not in there favour, even if it does pay!

Then I had a brainwave, if the horses win so much then the second favourite will lose most of the time, because even if the favourite does not win it does not mean that the second favourite will, in fact often when the favourite has not won its been an unexpected horse that has! Also because the 1st favourite is odds on the second favourite usually has quite low odds also, about the same as the favourites in other lay systems you may have bought.

This means basically that you have 2 systems, a backing system, and a laying system, you can use them together or separately but I recommend either using them together or just the laying system on its own, as just backing them won’t see as much profit and the odds are low and holds more risk, although its still a good system.

So Read on below for the system

Right, please don t be put off by how simple this system is to use. I have bought a lot of systems in my time including –

  • The lay master
  • The lay king
  • Winners pick losers
  • Lay horses to lose
  • Easy lay
  • The lay predictor

They are basically the same system but written differently and the rules vary so slightly it doesn’t really make a difference, if you’ve ever bought one of the above and were thinking of trying one of the others don’t bother. But what they do involve is applying a lot of rules which take up your time and often make no difference to the outcome, they also mostly lay the favourite which already means the horse has a good chance of winning. By laying the second favourite you are reducing the odds of it winning straight away. Here is my system, simple yet effective.

The Racing Post Postdata Laying System

System Rules

  1. Make a note of every race that has 9 or less runners and the favourite has odds of 1.8 or below on Betfair
  2. Odds do change a lot on Betfair throughout the day and as a result I suggest that if it s not 1.8 or below by 10.00 am don t count it, normally the odds in the morning are more or less the same as they were about midnight the night before. 
  3. Go to the Racing post website and view the race cards for these races.
  4. Click the Postdata tab under the race card and see if the favourite has at least 2 more ticks than the rest of the runners in the ability column. If it does it passes.


If it does NOT have 2 more ticks than the rest then view the form of the other runners in the race, if more than half of the runners have not had a win in their last 3 races then it also passes.


Avoid races were there are a few newcomers that have no racing history, as in my experience they could be potential threats.

  • 7-9 runners allow 3 newcomers.
  • 5-6 runners allow 2 newcomers.
  • 4 or less runners allow no newcomers

Sometimes you will find that one of the runners actually has 2 or more ticks in the ability column than the favourite, it s very very rare this happens but when it does, avoid that race, its too risky.

Also it is worth noting that sometimes the majority of tipsters on the Racing post card will prefer the second favourite, in these case s it MAY be worth avoiding the race, so far though it has been ok so use your own judgement, but mark which ones are preferred so you can see if it makes a difference in the long run.

Now you know which are most likely to win you can either back them, or lay the second favourite, or both. Odds on the second favourite can vary, from 2.0 up to 9.0 but on average they are not often over 5.0, bet on whatever odds you feel safest with but I recommend you never go higher that 6.0.

We recommend you only paper test the system for a month and then you can see the odds and results and decide for yourself.

That’s it, those are the only rules you need to apply, odds on favourites in races of 9 runners or less in those situations nearly always win, the percentage of odds on favourites that win is already high, around 50-55% for those with odds of above 1.5, and a whopping 75-80% for those with odds below 1.5. By applying the above rules the percentage will be even higher in the long run.

Please note odds for laying may be a lot higher than the odds for backing until the odds settle, if you cant wait for the odds to settle, lay it at odds that are very slightly higher that the backing odds and they should get matched before the race.