The Maria Staking Plan Explained

The Maria Lay Betting Staking Plan


The Maria Staking Plan is a lay staking plan that is named after a username of a forum member that was involved in a thread that turned £3000 into over £100,000 in just over 300 days (303) in real time in front of hundreds of other members.

Over the period of the Maria Staking Plan while the forum thread was running there were a total of 3547 wins from 4131 selections given which meant a 85.88% strike rate.

The Maria staking plan can be broken down into simple rules.

Rule 1 – Lay Different Amounts Depending on the Odds.

The Maria Staking Plan

The following example is based on a starting bank of £3000.

You can see in Bet 1 the odds are 8. The Stake is 0.4% of £3000 which is £12.
You can see in Bet 2 the odds are 4. The Stake is 0.6% of £3000 which is £18.
You can see in Bet 3 the odds are 2.5. The Stake is 1% of £3000 which is £30.
You can see in Bet 4 the odds are 12. The Stake is 0% of £3000 which is £0.
The Maria Staking Plan
Rule 2 – If in profit, the stakes are increased on a daily basis in proportion to the betting bank on a daily basis.

For example, if after day 1 the betting bank is currently at £3300 then 1% would now be £33 rather than £30.

Rule 3 – If after a days betting the cumulative betting bank has decreased the stakes are left alone unless 35% of the highest level of the bank is lost.

If this occurs then the stakes are re-calculated based on the new “65%-sized bank” For example if your using £3000 as your starting betting bank, you would keep the same stakes used until your betting bank went below £1,950 when those backer’s stakes would become £19.50, £11.70 and £7.80 until the bank gets back up to £3,000 again (or – even down to £1267.50 – a further 35% loss). The 35% drop is always worked out from the highest point of the bank.