The Laying “Any Other” Football System

The Lay Any Other Football System

This system is extremely straightforward and does not require a lot of thinking or calculating. It can also be set up days in advance so you do not have to spend hours sat in front of your computer screen or worry that you will miss out on profits whilst you are at work.

Laying Any Other

The Lay Any Other Football System:

Simply follow these instructions so that you can begin profiting on all football matches. Please be warned that the liability on these bets will be high, however, the risk of losing is actually low.

1. Look for a game where the teams are fairly evenly matched with the odds. This would suggest that a game between Manchester United and Blackpool would not qualify for this.

2. Once you have found a suitable game, navigate to the ‘Half Time Score’ tab at Betfair.

3. Now scroll to the bottom where it says ‘Any Unquoted’ and Lay it. The odds will be high, at around 30-40 and your liability will be high.

Think about it and maybe in-corperate it into one of your other football laying systems. Mix and match and make your own!