The Lay The Draw Football System

Lay The Draw Football System

Last season in the English Premiership only 20% of all the games played finished in a draw. This comes as a very interesting statistic for anyone interested in football betting. Basically If you had layed the draw on every single game in last seasons Premiership you would have had an 80% strike rate.

What I mean when I say “Lay the draw” is a specific bet that a site like betfair enables you to make. When you lay the draw you are essentialy betting the game won’t end in a draw ie. one of the teams involved will win.

This Lay The Draw System is very simple to understand and does not need any football knowledge or previous betting experience.

Lay The Draw

Last season we used this in conjunction with two countries, England and Holland. The strike rate in England was 95% and in Holland it was an incredible 100%!!!

The best thing about this system is that it can also be applied to other European Leagues creating almost endless betting opportunities on a weekly basis.

There are two simple steps to this system, the first is finding the games on which to lay the draw. To increase the chances of this system being successful I have developed a strategy for pin pointing games where a draw is less likely to occur. It’s very simple

Download The Lay The Draw Football System Below

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Click this link to download – Betfair Lay The Draw Guide

As always paper trade this system until you completely understand it but this is so simple it wont take you long at all before you are placing winning bets!