The Craps Lay Bet Strategy

Craps Lay Bet Strategy

Craps can be a daunting game for most including ourselves if we are honest and is not a game we normally play but here is the craps lay bet strategy and explanation of what exactly a lay bet is in craps.

When placing lay bets on craps you have no complicated or confusing bet combinations or hedges that are needed. Placing more than one bet will obviously reduce your odds of making a profit.

Craps Lay Bet

So what is a craps lay bet?

A lay bet is the opposite of a back bet in craps just like in most games that you can place lay bets on. As always it is also an easy way to get favorable odds of the selection you choose not to win giving you a high strike rate.

A craps lay bet is a bet that a 7 won’t be rolled previous to the number that you have your money on.

So you can choose 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 and place a bet in the designated area on the table. An example can be seen above in the main picture.

There are 6 ways that the dice can be rolled to total 7!

When this is compared to the 5 ways that a 6 or an 8 can be rolled, the 4 ways in which a 5 or a 9 can be rolled and the 3 ways in which a  4 or a 10 can be rolled you can see why many craps players choose to place lay bets.

These figures are the basis of how much you are favored to win.

  • 6 or 8 : odds are 6/5 in your favor; probabilities are 54.55 % you win, 45.45 % you won’t.
  • 5 or 9 : odds are 6/4 in your favor; probabilities are 60 % you win, 40 % you’ll won’t.
  • 4 or 10: odds are 6/3 in your favor; probabilities are 66.67 % you win, 33.33 %  you’ll won’t.
Lay bets offer true odds but there is a downside – the vigorish!

The downside of lay bets on craps – The vigorish!

While lay betting on craps offer true odds this gives the casino no edge so therefor they collect a vigorish (vig).

To get around this the casino’s take the vigorish which is 5% of all winning bets.

So say you place a lay bet of £40 on 4, and the shooter rolls a 7 then you will win £19. So your £40 pays 1 to 2, which makes £20.

The “vig is deducted from that amount, so 5% of £20 is £1. Your win will be £19 and you will get £59 back, your winnings and the original £40 staked.