Lay The Place – Horse Racing Place Laying System

Lay The Place – Horse Racing Place Laying System

This Place Laying System is to be used on betting exchanges such as Betfair for laying horses to lose in the Place Market. It is very easy to follow and if used correctly it will make a healthy profit each month.

This is a good lay betting system to add to your portfolio and is probably the only place laying system we would recommend.

Place Laying System

So here is the criteria below for the place laying system


In this example we are going to be placing £100 bets

For use on UK Racing Only (Not Irish)

  • We lay only in the place markets
  • There must be between 5 and 7 runners only declared (This is very important due to places paid)
  • Just before the start we lay the 1st and 2nd favourites only if the odds are in our favour as below
  • We do not lay if liability on both horses is over £180
  • If there are 2 joint 2nd favourites, lay the one that started 2nd favourite first, if both had same price lay the shortest one in betting. This will very rarely apply
So for example – 
In a race we have –

Authorized 1.35
Yellowstone 2.15

This would give a total liability of £150.

If Authorized gets placed and Yellowstone does not you will win £100 on Yellowstone but lose £35 on Authorized, so a profit of £65. Obviously if Yellowstone gets placed and Authorized does not you will lose £15.

If both horses on place which happens a hell of a lot you win £200

But if……..

Authorized 1.70
Yellowstone 2.20
Your liability would be £190 so no bet would apply. There is no value in this bet!

Often you will get both horses trading at around 1.25 and 1.35, you will be surprised at how often 1 or both are unplaced. I follow this system everyday and it does show decent long term profits. The place market is often very slow in forming so its best to wait near the start of the race before placing your bets.

Paper trade it and see what you think of it for yourself!