It Pays To Lay Horse Racing System

The It Pays To Lay Horse Racing System

Ok so this is one of our favourite lay systems for horse racing. If you follow the selection criteria you will come up with profitable and consistent profits. We look into a number of factors when making these selections and this is definately information you want to add to your betting portfolio

Racing Post

All the information to use the It Pays To Lay Horse Racing System is available on the Racing Post’s website or in the racing post newspaper for free.

There are many different factors to be considered when deciding what is a good candidate for a lay selection.

These are listed and explained below.

The aim of the system is to pick low priced favourites which will lose Generally if the RP forecast is 5/1 or greater I move on. Consider these factors when making your selections:-

  • Jockey Change
  • Up in trip/class
  • Up in weight
  • Another Horse with same or more tips
  • Change in Going
  • Post Data selection
  • Days since last run
  • Another horse with better RPR

 It Pays To Lay Horse Racing System Criteria

Jockey Change

Sometimes horses are ridden by the same jockey over and over again, if this is the case and a horse is a favourite it should be ignored as the horse will have a relationship with the Jockey. However if every Jockey in the country has been on it count this as a plus.

Trip/ Class

The Single most important factors, and the main criteria I base my selections on. If the Horse has run all its races in class 6 races and is now entered in class 4 it is up against much stiffer competition and must be considered, similarly, if the horse run its last race in class 3 and is now entered in class 5 don’t touch it with a barge pole. Similarly with trip, if a horse has run all its races at 16 furlongs (8 mile to a furlong) and is now entered in a 21 furlong race doubts could be raised over its stamina.


This is only applicable to handicap races. The better a horse does in these races the further up the weight it moves. In National Hunt (jump) races this is an important factor especially in soft ground as if a horse is higher in the weights than it has ever been and is running on soft ground id say its chances of winning are slim.


Normally 11 “experts” give their tip for each races, check that something has a similar amount of tips to your selection although this isn’t essential.


Going is also very important especially in winter racing. If a horse is running for the first time in a particular type of going add it to your shortlist.

Post Data

While I don’t rate Post Data as a tipster or understand how they give some of their ratings, its nice to see them choosing something other than our potential selection or at least something with a similar amount of ticks especially as far as ability is concerned.

Days since last Run

If a horse has run within the last few days give careful consideration before selecting it as a trainer wouldn’t reenter it if he didn’t think it was capable of winning.

Look for something that hasn’t run in maybe 60 days this usually means its only out for a run to blow the cobwebs away.


This is the racing posts own perception of the horse. Its useful for our cause if two or more horses are within a few points of our selection or if any have a higher racing post rating.

That’s basically it, the factors I use. Not all of these have to be there and I generally only look at horses at 3/1 or less on the racing  posts betting forecast. These are a rough guide for you and use your own judgement baring these factors in mind, if you want to lay higher priced horses then using this criteria you will also be successful however im not greedy and am happy with 2/3 selections
per day.

Typical card showing all information required.

It Pays To Lay System

When selecting qualifying races, only Handicap Races should be chosen as theoretically all the horses are on an even playing field.

A qualifying race must have at least the 1st three at odds of 5/1 6.0 or less in the Racing Posts betting forecast.

Normally the selections can be made in approximately 15 minutes.


Normally I use a simple loss recovery system. Oh No you may be thinking however we have plenty of confidence in this selection method due to the high strike rate of successful lays.

The way to do is to set yourself an absolute loss cut off point be it £20 £50 or whatever. This is the thing that destroys most peoples betting banks is that they don’t know when to stop.

Also, its imperative to start off small and work your way up as your bank grows, as an incorrect selection at high odds can destroy your balance very quickly.