Football Laying System – Lay The Last Score

Lay The Last Score Football Laying System

To be honest, when this football laying system first came about we didn’t really think it would work… It’s just another one of those far fetched methods we thought we try and test with previous stats also… Let’s just say we were surprised with the results.

Lay The Last Score

Laying The Last Score Football Laying System

The method that we are going to explain to you below is so unbelievably simple but we urge you to try this great football laying system now!

So now for the method:

1. First of all, find yourself a game that is going to be played soon.

2. Now what you want to do is go to the Previous Form page and look at the previous score between the two teams. Let’s say it’s 1-0 then note this down.

3. Now go to the correct score market and lay the noted down score.

You’re all done. Yes. That really is it.

Don’t think it’ll work. Then just go over the previous results for any  two teams and see how often the same score happens twice in a row. Not often at all! Remember, you won’t win every bet… But you don’t need to.

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  1. Iv just spent the last 2 hours going through past scores between teams and this football laying system has actually got something in it.

    Crazy how sometimes the most simplist things work the best and people create these systems and complicate them up just to sell them.

    My laying tip to you – Dont ever pay for systems. There is enough free info on the web without having to pay!


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