Can You Make Money Laying Greyhounds On Betfair?

Laying Greyhounds on Betfair

Ok so can you make consistent profits by laying greyhounds on Betfair? Simple answer yes! Of course you can but for most it is not as easy as laying horses for consistent profits as there is just not as much info freely available as it is  no where near as popular as horse racing. Saying that the info is out there and a quick Google will pull all the information and stats that you would need.

Laying Greyhounds on Betfair

There are many laying systems out there for betting on horse racing and football but not many at all for laying greyhounds on betfair. The best you can find normally is a good tipster but by using the basics of form reading on the horses a laying system can easily be made for laying greyhound races. We will be posting some greyhound laying systems on this site soon we just want to see how much interest there is so please like this article if you would like to see more greyhound laying systems on this site.

In the UK there are only ever 6 greyhounds in a race and once you have got the hang of it there are few differences from laying horses and can be just as profitable in the long run. The main thing which puts people off laying greyhounds on betfair is there un-predictability. Lots of factors can hamper a dogs performance during a race and trap numbers can also play a big part in how well the dog runs. It is generally said that if a greyhound doesn’t make it to the first turn then the dog will not win. It takes a hell of a lot to see a greyhound come back from being behind at the first turn and win the race and is very rarely seen.

Greyhounds can be just like humans in a way and can take a real confidence boost when beaten in a race and can take a number of races for it to get its confidence back. Other factors to watch out for in previous races is how much the dog was bumped around as this can also take its toll and take a long time for the dog to recover.

We can easily find recent greyhound race statistics from many sources on the net showing us all the info we need to know about any greyhounds recent race performance and hostory.

We will be posting some Greyhound laying systems to use on Betfair on this site shortly so keep checking. In the meantime check out the laying systems for horse racing and see how they can be applied to laying the dogs on Betfair.