8 Important Tips On Picking Horses To Lay On Betfair

Tips On How To Pick Horses To Lay

Knowing which horses to lay is the million dollar question. At first glance, it seems fairly easy to pick a loser. If there are 10 horses in a race, 9 of them will lose so you have a 90% chance of picking a losing horse. But it never seems to go that well for people picking losing horses. Here we are going to give you 8 very important tips on picking horses to lay on Betfair!

Another problem is that you cannot just lay the non favourite because you will incur HUGE losses if it goes and wins. This is because the higher the odds, the higher the risk. When backing horses, you only lose your stake amount whereas on lays you lose a lot more. To work out your liability on a particular laying bet, visit this post!

Below are the tips, hints and systems you must use if you want to increase your chances of picking a loser so that you win nearly all of the time:

Before you get started, you need to open up the Form/Results option on Betfair, like below. This is what will help you choose the horses to lay:

Picking Horses To Lay

In this section of Betfair, you can see information on the Tracks top Jockey, the horse’s previous form, weight, age, current back and lay odds and so on…

So Here Are Those All Important 8 Tips On How To Pick A Losing Horse

1) Horses carrying too much weight over too much distance often struggle to complete a race, add to this possibly the wrong ground and you have a recipe for disaster – it’s surprising how many horses have this lethal mix, yet still go off favourite based on the horse’s last performance over a completely different trip etc.

2) Don’t assume because a horse won it’s last race, it will win again – the odds of any horse in training ever winning a race is about 19% – it may well be fit, it may also be the best horse in the race today but anything can go wrong.

3) Favourites in SPRINT Handicaps get shuffled about a lot in the Melee for position in the early stages of a race, often get unsettled and lose, on many occasions even though they won their last race, there is a lot of luck involved in these races and you could probably run them time and time again with the same players and end up with a different result.

4) Horses travelling on their least favourite type of ground often chuck in the towel half way round, you see the jockey’s rowing up and down as the horse gleefully does everything it can to grind the jockey into submission.

5) Certain horse do not like running right handed (or left handed) so try to research which like what.

6) Horses by fashionable trainers are often over – bet, therefore underpriced (ideal for laying) – some recent examples are Zaynar 1-14 2nd & Denman, before Cheltenham on its first run of the season

7) Female horses (Mares & Filly’s) are often inferior to their male counterparts and even with their weight allowance may still not be good enough to win in a race full of colt’s geldings & horses.

8) I love laying favourites in National Hunt Flat races – bizarre races where half the time, form seems to count for nothing at all and they often end up completing almost 2 miles at a slowish gallop, only to end up in a cavalry charge to the line in the last couple of furlongs or so.

Follow all of those tips, and you will be on your way to making money by picking horses to lose at Betfair. Laying is the new backing — It gives you, the punter, the chance to pretend to be a bookie. By laying, you are effectively matching someone’s back bet.

For example, if Mr A backs horse A at 5/1 you can then lay that horse at 5/1 and will therefore match Mr A’s horse.

Good luck with winning with the lays!

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